Directors Desk

-> Guardian school is a panorama of talents of the students, teachers and parents. It takes you to a galaxy of thoughts, views, expressions, feelings, achievements and ideas. School being an ocean and students the oysters, wonderful pearls are made of them through various experiences and challenges imposed on them.

-> As correctly quoted, “The greatest talents often lie buried out of sight.” It therefore becomes an important role for the school to play in identifying the hidden talents in each child.

-> The school being the second home for the young aspirants, it is one such opportunity enabling a child to find his innate potentialities, adding to the confidence of the young minds. Parents too, have a major share of responsibility in grooming their children into wonderful human beings.

-> In our earnest endeavors to impart quality education to all the children of the nearby vicinity, we have spread our wings and ventured to give shape to this beautiful thought with ample amount of chances to meet the needs of our young Guardianites.